Hi all,

The University department where I work is currently in the process of
merging with another department. Since both departments have access to their
own Novell systems (one of which is run by central campus IT and we have no
control over), it would be usefull if in the interim period users where able
to log onto either from any machine.

I have currently been able to configure the client settings so that treeless
login is enabled, with suitable search scopes so that a user from either
tree can login to novell successfully.

However since both trees use dynamic local user and have completely
different sets of usernames for half the users we get the second login box
(the windows one), and it appears that the local user has not been created.

Looking into this it appears that the Zenworks agent is responsible, and
that only the tree specified in the agent settings will be used for looking
up / creating the local user.

Is there a way that the Zenworks agent can be configured so that it will be
able to use the DLU from either tree without having to first login and re-
configure it ? We are planning on moving over to a single tree but enabling
users to log into either tree from any workstation would be a good fist

The environment is mostly Windows XP / 2003 workstations Client 4.91SP5,
Netware 6.5 SP8 and Zen7 SP1 R3.