I will be using Linux at work, which is Win2k/Novell shop. Given that I
will get little or no support, I've been reading around a bit. All of
my issues are more or less straightforward, but for the Border Manager
proxy. I don't really need access to Novell shared volumes (they are
available through SMB), but I haven't yet sussed out how the BM
configuration works. I am aware of cl4others, and it appears the best
route to gain access to the internet (which is needed to download
needed specialised software). What are the parameters I will need to
plug into cl4others configuration, which I will need to ask my system
administrators for? I understand there's no need of any exotic options
for my user needed.

Other than that, it would be nice to be able to authenticate to NDS
from Linux. I understand that Novell has some packages for this, but
how difficult are they to install and use?