We are using BM 3.8.4 and Netware 6.5 sp5.

We are a school, and after rolling out a new student information system,
the Bordermanager proxy is (almost daily now), reporting an Internal Server
Error (Error 500) that locks the teachers out of the system. We have had
this problem sporadically in the past, but it is almost daily now that I
have to restart the Bordermanager server.

I am planning today to use the proxy.cfg file as posted from Craig Johnson,
mainly to change the lines of PassContentLength=1, IgnoreContentLength=1,
and IgnoreContenetLengthCheck=1 as those seem to be related to the 500 error.

Where else can I check in the proxy console to troubleshoot this problem?
Any other suggestions as to the next step of troubleshooting? I will edit
the proxy.cfg and patch the server first, but after this?
Thanks in advance,

David Spangler