I've been trying to get the managed device to recognize the configured location, but I can't achieve it.

I have a Windows 2008 R2 x64 server. It is the only PS in the zone (RC3). It's IP Address is and the gateway is

I configured a "Network Environment" (ZCC > Configuration > Locations):
- Minimum Match: 2
- Adapter type: All
- Gateway: (match required)
- Client IP Address: (Static or DHCP) (match required)
- other tabs are blank

I want all the IPs in the range "10.1.1.xxx". This is required to distinguish between ".21" and ".210", ".211", ".212", etc.
We also have some switches that share a range, so one network could be, and the other Between the IP address and the gateway, we can distinguish them.

I also configured a location with an "Assigned Network Environment" point to the entry above.

On the adaptive agent (same server) the "configuration location" is: "~unknown~".
[DEBUG] [12/13/2010 13:54:17.702] [284] [ZenworksWindowsService] [29] [] [Settings Module] [] [Unable to refresh the System Settings on the device.] [] []

If modify the "Client IP Address" to and restart the ZEN servers, it works.

Note: I do not use ZEN policies.

Please help!