Hey All,

Just wondered if anybody else has seen this.

We do all of our employee builds from scratch, there is no imaging involved.

We install Windows 7 Enterprise from the DVD, then add to the domain, install Novell Client 2.0 SP1 IR3, and install the ZCM Agent 10.3.0.

Somehow now two machines have registered to the same object.

Right clicking and renaming the workstation object in ZCM causes both of the device's properties to show the new device name in ZCM.

No combination of unregistering, uninstalling ZENworks, re-registering (fails with invalid user/pass no matter what user/pass I use, even valid ones), zac fsg -d, deleting *.sav and deployguid*, etc seems to fix it.

Thankfully the machine it is confused with is a machine in our office, so we've moved the object to the appropriate folder for the user to work properly, but the machine here in our office is now "broken".

Any ideas?

Shaun? :)