i have 2 hosts oes2 and netware 6.5sp8 both with 2 nics on networks 10/8 and 192.168/16. Edirectory is running and synchronizing on both of them using 10/8 interfaces. 192.168/16 is gigabit network used only for backup purposes. I need to mount volumes inside 192.168 net to efficiently backup data. I tried novell client to mount volume from gui, but it uses slow 10/8 network to make connection. I tried ncpmount like ncpmount -S -A -V restore -U admin /mountpoint, it looks much better, tcpdump on gigabit network shows data activity on udp but its still slows like 8MB/sec. I tried copy data using ftp with 85MB/sec so its not hardware problem.

Do you have any suggestions how to force novell services to prefer faster interface?