i had before the update followed software composition on our notebooks:

Windows XPSP2
Novell client 4.9
Symantec Encryption 7.0.3
Novell Zenworks Client 6.5

the password synchronisation between the Novell and Symantec worked without issues, that means, at the startup of the notebook, the user could always put in
the actual novell password on the Symantec-Login, also after the password change. this works because symantec has also a Novell-Single Sign on solution built in.

so now i did the update of Zenworks to ZCM 10.3 with agents

now, if the user changes the password on novell, he has to put in the old password on the Symantec-Login, so the password gets not synchronized to local-account.

does anyone perhaps have similiar issues ?