I've got a server setup. I updated it to the latest version last week. the engine says v1.1.0.1941 Is this the latest version or did I need to run some update script after I did the install.

We have around 12 mobile users, one on a nokia and all the rest on iPhones. Its works great but just one of our iPhone users will not correctly sync. I have deleted the account on the mobility server, left it a few hours, then re-created it. What happens is that it syncs his cabinet and he can see things in his cabinet, but he get's only half a dozen emails in his "inbox" visable and they never change, it just will not update the inbox at all.

He's on an iPhone 4. I haven't checked which ios I guess I should ask him to update to the latest version, but apart from that can you think of what else I can do.

Any help would be appreciated. The Groupwise server is running 8.0.2 (version 07/07/2010).