My company is running NetWare 5, with most of the employee machines on XP with Client 4.91. They're all fine. We have one machine running Windows 7 with Novell Client 2 SP1 that I'm having trouble getting up and running. At first I was unable to see any of the Tree/Context/Server information but managed to get around that by using the IP of the Novell Server in the Tree field. Now I can log in and the login script maps the drives it should, but I cannot access any documents on those drives. I've tried opening doc, xls, and txt files and one of the following things happens.

1. The program (word, excel, or notepad, depending on file) will open to a blank document even though the file I'm opening contains information.
2. I get an error "Could not open Y:\path\to\document.doc".
3. I get an error about the file being a different file type than the extension says it is, or that the file is corrupt.

The files open correctly on any other machine. I also tried copying some of the files from the mapped drive to the desktop on the Windows 7 machine and found that sometimes it worked and I could open the document from there, but sometimes it would copy an empty file with the correct name. Anybody else experienced anything like this or have any suggestions?