Running virtual BM 3.8sp5 on a NW6.5sp8 server - ok abends every few days.

So - created a virtual BM 3.9sp2 on a NW6.5sp8 server - with several problems:

1) Trying to go to a https:\\ site gives "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" error. (Not a BM error)
Why can I not go to a https site?

2) iManager is showing 12 rules. Whenever I modify one, click apply changes, then unload/reload BM, the server shows ALCHECK.NLM read 17 rules form NDS. I can add a rule to make it 13, then ALCHECK shows 18. Delete the rule, back to 12 and 17.
This would not bother me, but the rules are not working.

3) When BM is loading, we keep getting a bunch of errors: Get IP addr failed for hostname: or http://shutterfly,.com
I can ping each one form the server with no problem.
Why am I getting these errors?

Thanks for any help,