A little history
I work at a college and our department has over 600 computers, in 16 labs and 3 offsite labs , and offices. I have been using Netware and edir for about 15 years and Zenworks for about 10 or more. We are not using active directory. For an xp station we take an image of the station and image it to other computers in the labs. The Zenworksagent then injects the computer name, ip information and so on and so on. I also have software that I have written that records user activity and manages the labs, but the database requires the workstation name so the info can be stored.

Now the problem.
When we try to image a Win7 computer and bring it back down to a new machine. We get boot errors on most of the machines and those that do come down and boot do not have the workstation information injected into them. Do I have to do a sysprep? If so Do I still have to go from machine to machine (all 600+) and change the name of the computer and other information each time I do an image of the computer? I only have one month to do this. What can anyone reccomend what to do in my situation for imageing? I have talked to other schools in the area and they are all having the same problem and have chose to stay with xp. I don't have that option. Please help.