Has anyone else noticed an increase in bandwidth use when going to BM 3.8
SP5 ? I was using SP4 ir2a as it worked for us better than ir3 or ir5, but
ran the SP5 install over the weekend to see what it would be like. With ir2a
we had a typical gain of about 2% when comparing bandwidth use from the
public side to the private side. We now have an 8 to 10 % loss with SP5.
This is measured from the byte counters on the switch ports and not the BM
current activity screen. The server is really only used as a content filter,
so we are not using any of the other BM features that might mess up the
bandwidth measurements. Has anyone else seen this? Any ideas on what I
should look at to fix the problem? This is running on a Netware 6.5 SP5