What ever I do I cannot get enough legs under GroupWise.
VMware 3.5
Disk is Fibre on decicate RAID 10 LUN
3GB RAM (After GW loads this puts me at 27% Cache Buffers Memory)
Netware 6.5.8
GW POA 8.0.2HP1
C/S threads 30
Message Worker Threads 15
Maximum Application Connection 4084
Maximum Physical Connection 2048

The server is at 100% most of the time. I can have 30 Busy C/S threads with the Message Handler threads only at 6. Can GW8 go above 30? Do I dare with the CPU utilization being so high already?
GW-POA-Dispatcher seems to be the Hog? I also noticed in the POA web page that the Application connections are at 1000 and Physical connections at 221. If I lower my maximum application and physical connections, would that give me more memory head room?