Hi folks, I have been trying to migrate our ZCM db from an SQL 2005 server to SQL 2008.

Unfortunately it did not work, I was unable to get the ZCM server to connect to the new DB. I have since restored it and its working again, but I must get it onto the new server.

Here are the steps I took, perhaps someone can point out the error I made,

ZCM server = SUSE
SQL = Windows server 2008, sql 2008

1- Configured Server2008 for NTP
2- Installed a new instance of SQL2008 called zcm,
3- Set zcm instance to use static port 4005
4- Put rule into firewall to allow 4005
5- Detached DB from sql2005 server
6- Copied it over to sql2008 server
7- Attached DB to sql2008 zcm instance
8- Used sql command “sp_change_users_login ‘Auto_Fix” to create a login user in SQL2008 and link it to the user in the zenwoks DB
9- Reconfigured zdm.xml to reflect, new server IP, and new DB path
10- Restarted ZCM

This resulted in the error about not being able to connect to the DB.

I performed the following tests.

1- windows box could connect to the DB using the IP, port number and username/password
2- I could ping the box from the ZCM server
3- Tried different usernames/passwords in the dmaccounts.properties and the dmmappings.properties

Any ideas where I may have gone wrong ?

I couldn’t find any info how to test if the SUSE box could connect to the SQL instance, so I was unable to test that, however a windows box had no issue.