Im running BM3.8 SP4.
I use 1 volume only for proxy cache.
It should use the volume up to 95% and keep it, but after running BM for
6 day's i get:

11-14-2006 8:51:18 pm: COMN-3.22-38 [nmID=A0006]
NSS-2.70-5003: NSS Volume EGBO01/PROXY1 almost out of disk space.

11-14-2006 8:59:13 pm: COMN-3.22-36 [nmID=A0004]
NSS-2.70-5001: NSS Volume EGBO01/PROXY1 out of disk space.
There are no deleted files using disk space.
You may be low on disk space. Either add more disks, or delete some

After this BM stops working and i need to run unload proxy and proxy -cc.
Then 6 day's later the same story...

and advise ?

Jan Wiersma
the Netherlands