I'm on ZCM 103.1 and I'm deploying Satellite servers to my remote sites.

These satellites has been configured with the Content, Imaging and Collect Role.

The Closest Server Rules assigned to devices of these sites point only to the satellite for these roles.

My problem, these devices are reporting this error:
BUNDLE.ContentInaccessible{Knowledge Base Files [3.6.A.1.16]} BUNDLE.ContentInaccessible

I know that this files are related to the PRU, but how could configure this bundle to replicate to my satellites? I think that the problem is that this bundle is not replicated on my satellite. What is the best way to resolve this error?

I have been read some posts that says:

- The "Knowledge Base Files" are not being replicated to "Satellite Servers" by default and its a pain to get them there.

- ZCM 10.2.1 will cause this to happen automatically.

Thank you