I have two BorderManager servers running identical configs...NW6.5sp5 and
I have an internal Windows2003 server running SecureComputing SmartFilter
Bess edition
category server that BM uses as a Third-Party filter list. The BM box that
is local to the Bess
server works fine....after some tinkering. I have the Bess box bound to a
static nat IP for
public access and I have the remote BM server pointed to this public IP and
port 4004 for
the category server info.....same as local config except local is config'd
to private IP of
same Bess box and port 4004. For some reason, the remote BM server blocks
all content
when configured to use this category server. I am assuming that it really
isn't connecting to
the category server and blocking all content when the server can't be found.

BTW: my packet filters are currently disabled.

Question 1: can I see a log or debug info somewhere that will tell me what's
going on with
the remote BM server?

Question 2: can I change the behavior to not block all websites if category
server not found
without turning off enforce access rules?

Question 3: exactly how is the enforce access rules check box supposed to

John Puskar