Here is my problem

A few printers on my ipp list have a different icon. The new icon has a padlock on it. When I try to install these few printers I am prompted with an additional login.

I am already logged in with the novell client. I don't want to login twice.

When I go to iManager, then select a printer agent, then select client support tab, I get a warning message telling me :

"The Printers security level is set to high; therefore SSL and user authentication are now required"

The "Enable secure printing (Require SSL/TLS and user authentication)" check box is now checked and grayed out. It will not let me uncheck this.

If I open a working printer agents client tab I will get the same error and it will add another printer that requires a login to the list.

How can I get this back to normal and not have to login to iprint??