Is anyone successfully backing up OES2 eDirectory (nds) with Backup Exec 2010 running on a Suse Linux server? According to Symantec's compatibility list and documentation it should be possible.

I have followed Symantec's instructions, have tsands loaded and can create a backup job using a unix user created equivalent to our edirectory admin user which is a member of beoper group. I am getting access denied errors when the backup job runs to all the objects in the tree. I suspect this could be because I can't enter the context with the login credentials as I can with the Netware agent.

We are successfully backing up edirectory on Netware 6.5 but as these servers will be migrated soon I want to be able to backup edirectory on our Suse Linux 10.3 OES2 SP2 servers.

Any help would be appreciated.