After the latest Windows updates, our Storage manager 3 stopped working. Server was rebooted after updates were installed and since then NSM engine has been unable not start anymore.

Everytime we try to start engine, it stops right away and in Windows event logs it says "NSMEngine ServiceBody ServiceStart() - CRC32GenerateToken() returned 185".

NSM is the latest version and it is running on Windows 2008 R2. Engine has been updated from 2.5 to and then on last week to

I found one thread about the same kind of error message and it suggested to input clear <CRC32></CRC32> to NSMENGIN.CFG right before <HTTPSPORT> -line. I did that and then did "nsmengine.exe -forceproxyreset" from console, but that does not work here.

Engine inputs new CRC32-code to NSMENGIN.CFG and then stops and returns this error message:
- - - - - -
C:\Novell\Storage Manager\Engine>nsmengine.exe -forceproxyreset
Setting up NSM for AD: Windows Engine.
12/16 13:27:27 4: M101 Logging Subsystem active. Base debugging level=7.
12/16 13:27:27 0: SRSVerifyLicense: Unable to read license file (C:\Novell\Storage Manager\Engine\fr.lic).
01 2010-12-16 13:27:27 7200 2 8001 2832 2728 Failed to open the log file "C:\Novell\Storage Manager\Engine\LOGS\nsmengine-20100921-143221.log", RC = 54.
- - - - - -

Updates were installed last night and after that there has been several hundred delete operations performed in AD, so I'm hoping that at least the event monitor service has been awake so that events will eventually start to process when and if the engine is able to start again. Event monitor service is running, but i don't know if it is really working.

Any advice what to do?