I have the OK to spec out some new servers for our GroupWise. We have been in a lot of pain over the last three years with slowness issues with our Netware Clusters in VMware.

We need the High Availability so this forces me back into a OES/NSS solution, which I'm being told is on par with ext3 now.

Questions that come to mind.
Does GroupWise SMP on OES work better than GroupWise SMP on NetWare?
Is there a benefit in the number of processor cores with OES and GroupWise?
I have been told that I cannot get 10GB NICS, Does anyone no how well NIC aggregation works with OES, I'm thinking of 3 NICs for the LAN and 1 for the heartbeat?
For Disk I/O I plan on 8GB Fibre Channel and RAID 10 so I should be good here if NSS doesn't slow me down.
Is there a way spec memory for OES? I'll end up with a 500GB NSS Volume and want to leave more than enough for GroupWise?