We have Groupwise 8 on SLES 10 SP2 ( NOWS SBE ).

DNS is working fine and we can connect to port 25 of other mail servers.

We can receive outside mails.

However, when sending mails to external domains, nothing happens. The GWIA logs show no activity, except:

15:18:05 400 DMN: MSG 512 SMTP session ended: [::ffff:] ()
15:23:05 400 DMN: MSG 513 SMTP session ended: [::ffff:] ()
15:28:05 400 DMN: MSG 514 SMTP session ended: [::ffff:] ()
15:33:05 400 DMN: MSG 515 SMTP session ended: [::ffff:] () is the address of the mail server itself.

I guess there is somewhere a break between MTA and GWIA, but have not figured out where to look.

Any help would be very much appreciated.