Hello all,

I am having an issue with my proxy running very slow. I am experiencing a
lot of 504 gateway timeouts.

Here is the basic specs:

NW6SP5 BM37 with all patches from Craig's website (older TCP modules than
listed but still pretty current).

This issue has come up since the upgrade of Symantec Antivirus Corporate
Edition. We were running SAVCE without incident but after the
upgrade to, the problem has occurred. It is more evident on my
server going out over a T1 versus the server connected over a high speed
fiber line but it is occurring on both.

Today I removed SAVCE from the server going out over the T1 and performance
is better but I am still seeing some gateway timeouts.

The next step is to clear the cache but I need to wait until the end of the
day to do this.

Also, when I have created a rule to allow my workstation direct access to
the Internet, everything seems to work fine (even before the uninstall of
SAVCE), so it would appear it is definitely in the proxy.

Any other ideas on what to test next if this does not work? I will need to
figure out what is causing this problem because I would like to reinstall
SAVCE. I do not scan the CACHE volume in real time or scheduled scans.
Are there any other directories I should exclude that may be causing this

Suggestions greatly appreciated.

Steve D.