Hello NG

In my testenvironment i installed ZCM11 RC3. Now i would like to check the
Imaging of Zenworks. I installed a virtual windows workstation, and on the
zenserver i configured dns, dhcp, novell-proxydhcp and novell-tftp.

When i reboot my virtual windows workstation on my "vmware workstation", the
windows workstation get the IP address of the dhcp proxy. With F8 I can
select if I want to run the local or server imaging. How can I choose the
Imaging Menue into a VMWare Session? Normally with Ctr-Alt this can be done
on physical workstation. I changed also the Hotkey setting of my virtual
machine, but I wasn't able to call the imaging menue.

It would be great if someody does have a solution.

Thank you in advance lot for your help