I'm pretty certain that this is a bm problem but i'm not entirely sure. We
have a netware 6.5 sp6 server running bm3.8 sp4 and over the course of a day
its packet recieve buffers increases and the server eventually crashes.
This server is our main server for internet access and the reason I think it
is a BM problem is that on days that the proxy isn't used much,e.g. sundays,
the buffers stay ok but on a working day its a problem. This only seems to
have happened since applying NW6.5 sp6 but unfortunately I can't back rev as
the person who did the upgrade didn't back up the files. I have a virtually
identical BM3.8 server running our reverse proxies and with SP6 on and its

I've tried replacing the network cards and this made no difference and I can
increase the maximum packets receive buffers to a huge number but they still
fill up, can anyone suggest where I should be looking?


Matt Hudson (CNE)