Hi there,

I am running BM38SP5, NW65SP6, Client 491SP2. Using TP or manually
pointing to the proxy makes no difference.

All has been well forever, but just recently this one workstation where
I log in randomly blocks pages. If I log in elsewhere I do not have the

I tried adding a BM "allow all" rule right at the top - it makes no

We have a timeout set on the TP so that one is logged out after twenty
minutes and has to reauthenticate. I fire up the login page, it says I'm
already logged in (although I'm not).

I fire up the Novell KB -- not a problem. I enter a search term and
click "go" and get a 403. Alltheweb.com, 403. Google.com -- no problem.
None of this fits any pattern of filtering that we use.

As I say, if I log in at another station, it's fine. I've cleared the
cache on the local machine, too, to no avail.

Any suggestions gladly accepted!