I have a OES2 SLES10SP2x64 system that has been running on my network for several months now. It took over the main DCHP/DNS function for several subnets. I am having an intermittent issue with that server handing out the wrong Subnet IP address to clients. I have about 300 on the main VLAN(503) and from time to time I get a client machine that will pull an address for no reason from one of two other VLANs(500 or 501) I checked and I do not have trunking enabled on the physical ports when wired and I had Cisco TAC engineer review my wireless controller and everything looks good.

I deleted the POOL or the two networks and moved the function for them over to my older NetWare server and I can get the clients on with no major issue.

Eventually I would like to move that function over to my OES2 linux system and have this work. Am I missing a config option or is this an issue with my DHCP server itself?