Ok, I'm pulling my hair out here. I've got a few BlackBerry's that are getting the infamous "your login is not current" within GroupWise Webaccess 8.x. I've changed the webacc.cfg with the Security.UseClientIP.enable=false statement, but it seems to have no effect. It seems to be only with BBs where the address is changing, which I've confirmed in the apache logs, so I'm 99% sure that really is the issue. My BB runs fine, but my address doesn't change. Oddly another BB on the cell network does change IPs and he of course is presented with the problem. I've installed the latest 8.x update on the webserver (which is still running NetWare 6.5) with no change. I can modify the NDS webaccess object for the same matching security setting and I do see the associated change happen within the webacc.cfg file, so I KNOW that is the correct file it should be updated/pulled from, but still I am having problems.

I've seen some post stating to disable the cookie tracking as well, but I'm not convinced of this....Any ideas would be appreciated.