Have a cluster (which im doing a rolling upgrade to) with two oes2 10.3 servers and 1 netware 6.5 sp8 server with 4 virutal servers with nss volumes. I have a shared readonly drive on one of the virt servers that can be migrated between nw and linux without a problem. I have home drives located on one the virt servers which when running on the netware volume runs perfectly, users can see and write to their home drives.
When i migrate this volume to the linux servers the users get an 8804 login script error and have no rights to the home directory.
Im a LUM user and can get access. Admin can see and write to the drives but is not a LUM user.

Do i have to lum enable every user in the tree to access these NSS volumes on this cluster ?? or am i missing something ???

Any help...im trying to hold back the dreaded microsoft !!!!