I have a diskless NetWare 6.5 SP5 server (boots from SAN via QLogic card) that I am trying to update to SP8. I've been unable to update to SP8 via NWCONFIG, so I have attempted a down-server upgrade. When attempting the down-server upgrade, the DOS file copy executes and completes just fine. I am able to select the HAM drivers as well. Then the server attempts to mount the SYS volume and seems to get most of the way through, but fails with the following error:

Unable to initialize system auditing on volume SYS

The SYS volume mounts just fine with a normal boot using the following parameters in startup.ncf:


I'm thinking that the HAM driver doesn't have the right parameters when auto-loading as part of the down-server upgrade. Does that sound right? Or might there be another problem?

I'm pretty rusty on my HAM drivers. Could I just unload the HAM driver, reload it with the command listed above from the startup.ncf, and then do a "mount all" to try and remount the volumes?

Or can I specify HAM driver parameters like /LUNS and /QUALIFIED when I confirm the HAM driver as part of setup?

Thanks for any help!