Netmail is running on NW6.5sp5 +post sp5 patches. Our Bordermanager server
is running on NW6.5sp4a +post patches and BM3.8sp4_ir4. Netmail is for
students and seemed to work last year fine but this year we have run into
problems. I can navigate to the site and get a prompt to log in and after
logging in the page starts to load very slowly and no icons (just place
holders) appear next to item labels.
This year we decided to require all users to use Maxilla Firefox so I tried
using Internet Explorer and experienced the same problem when the Netmail
page loads. If I bypass the BM proxy for the url of the Netmail server with
either browser the pages load fine. Everything also works fine from the
outside (we use BM for proxy services only). So I have determined that
something is going on with BM. I have added the site to the non-cacheable
site list in BM setup.
It seems the simple solution would be to add the url to Maxilla's proxy
bypass list but I have found there is no easy way to do this on 700
computers with different installations of Maxilla and the default profile
file name is different between a lot of them. So, can someone tell me how I
can use something like Zenworks to change the proxy settings or what I can
check on the BM server to see if it is causing pages to load slowly or not
at all?
Richard G.