Hopefully someone can help with this issue. We have a Novell Netware 5.1
SP6 server running Novell BorderManager 3.5 and have recently started
having issues with the server. People have been calling to complain that
websites they could normally get to come back with a Page Can't be
Displayed error or a Bad Gateway error. When we started looking at the
server the Cache volume during the times when we would have issues would
be 90 to 98% full in the monitor program. Also we could not dismount the
cache volume, unload proxy.nlm, or restart the server without causing an
abend. So it is becomming a weekly event to attempt to restart the
server usually this fails. Bring it back up and then unload proxy.nlm
then load proxy.nlm with the -cc to clear the cache. This would fix the
web site issues for 3-4 days then we would start getting calls again. Is
there any thing that can be done to fix it so we don't have to keep doing
this? My email is howeys@clintondaleschools.net