I am trying to install GW8 on a Windows Server 2003 machine. I installed eDir first and that went well without any problems. On a second computer, I opened ConsoleOne and was able to browse to and login to the Tree I just created. I then began the GW8 installation and tried to install ConsoleOnelocally, but it required the NetWare Client to be installed. I downloadedand installed NetWare Client 4.91 SP5 and rebooted the server. The server started up, but when I tried to login, I couldn't find the Tree. I tried again from the other computer that I had just accessed the Tree from, and it couldn't find it either. I uninstalled the NetWare Client and was again able to access the Tree.

I have searched around the Internet and also the Novell website and am not able to find any references to this problem.

Has anyone else run into this? If so, how were you able to solve it?