Novell Client 2 SP1 IR4
ZCM 10.3.0
Windows 7 Enterprise 32bit

Performing our first win7 tests and ran into a fairly major issue. Besides the very first login, ZCM will not refresh when rebooted, logout/login of windows, F5 in NAL or zac ref bypasscache.

If we manually logout of ZCM then back in, it will refresh properly.

Looking through the debug, didn't see any obvious failures. The client seems to just be using the cache, login is faster then we are used too:).

We have removed cache, unr/reg, reinstalled ZCM, messed with firewall/novell client settings with no effect.

We did find the the Novell client is what causes the issue. Refreshed work fine without the novell client, once it is installed refreshes don't work. Though if I disable UAC + novell client refreshes will start to work again.

Any throughts on what else I could try? UAC is pretty important to us.