I have deployed a NOWS 2.5 system, and everything is working fine, EXCEPT that if I install Mailscanner, I can no longer receive incoming mail.

Prior to installing Mailscanner, I can telnet to port 25, and get notice that GIWA is listening. I then edit gwia.cfg to listen on port 26, then restart GWIA, and install Mailscanner. I can then telnet to port 25 and get a response from postfix, and to port 26 and get response from GWIA. This shows that everything is "listening" as it should, but test messages never show up in the inbox.

The Novell documentation for setting up this product is non-existent, and simply refers to the Mailscanner website, which houses no useful information on how to make it work with Groupwise. There is no Mailscanner administration tool in Samba, as referred to in the Novell documentation, just another link to the Mailscanner site. Can someone point me to a step-by-step, idiot-proof installation and configuration guide, related to getting Mailscanner to work with GroupWise 8? Alternatively, can anyone tell me how THEY got this to work?