I have read various discussions about problems with the "504 Gateway
Timeout" error occurring on specific web pages, but I don't think I've read
about this one yet;

When users/students type in specific search terms (the one today was "War in
Iraq") to Google, Border will return the "504 gateway timeout" error.
Sometimes after several refreshes the search will work, but many times it
won't. It seems somewhat dependant on the search terms entered in Google.
For example, I can enter "cars" and it will work just fine, but if I enter
"war in iraq", boom... "504 Gateway Timeout".

I have tried playing with several settings ("AckWithNoDataOnSYN=1", "Enable
Persistent Connections to Browsers", Enable Persistent Connections to Origin
Serves", etc) in both the "proxy.cfg" and BorderManager Setup.

I would like to see what an packet/LAN trace would show, but I'm not sure
the best way to do this.

If anyone has any ideas or help it would be greatly appreciated.


Walter Keener
Network Administrator
Allendale Public Schools
Allendale, MI USA