I have been using Zen 10 (currently 10.3.1 - SLES 11 32 bit) for well over a year now. I have been doing manual deployments of the agent from scripts during imaging or using the command line for individual machines as have a chance to work on systems.

Long story about the woes of support academic research units - I finally have a chance to justify a mass migration of the remaining systems to 10, and would like to use an automated upgrade using the deployment script wizard tool availalble in coll tools.

However, it looks to me like there is either something wrong with my agent packages or the primary server.

What I am observing:
If doing a command line or scripted installation of any of my agent packages I user the command line syntax of "agent-package.exe" -k Workstation-key http://zenworks.server.DNS-name. Everytings "just works" the agent installs and the device is registered iwht the zone in the proper contianer.

However if I do NOT include the URL of the server as a part of the command line for agent installation thedevice is NOT registered with the server and Zone. When the machine re-boots after the installation (and normally after some messing around to log in again) I find that the macine has simply not registered. There is no zone or server infomation in the Agent properties status page etc. I can manually register the macine using ZAC and after that things seem to function properly.

What I need to know:

I thought that the agent included the primary server information and that even if one did not use the command line with the explicit server information that simply installing the agent on a device would at least get the system registered with the zone -- that the primary server information was embedded in the agent and that information was what would take care of the zone information.

this is not what I am seeing. If I simply run the agent installation using either the network of stand-aone verions of the agent installer -- the machine does not register with the aone.

Am I wrong in thnking that all you need to do is run the agent installer and the device automatically registers with the server?

I have used zac to unregister and then attempt to register a test ssytem with the zone. Zac will only successfully register if I use either http:// or https://server.dns.address. It fails every time if I tey to use the IP address of the server either as an xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx or with ports appended xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:80 or 443.

If I use a browwser and the ip of the server with port 443 appended a file doanload dialog immediatly opens.

Am I simply imagingin things or shouldn't the agent automagically register with the rimay server upon installation without the need to include the full DNS name of the server?

Bob Timberlake