hello folks.

BM 3.8 sp 4 server. We have an additional document directory on a
website with authentication enabled which is working.

The website main page is no problem internally or externally via
reverse acceleration. Internally accessing the authenticated
directory via url/files works as it should. An authentication
screen is provided and login results in a directory index listing
of files.

Externally accessing url/files an authentication screen is
provided but after authentication, in FireFox you are redirected
g/searchboxes/searchstyle_www.html?action=search&afID=5589&keywo rd
s=%20files while in IE you get the message your search did not
match any documents.

If externally you use url/files/filename.ext and login you do get
the download now and are able to download the respective file. The
key here is you need to know the proper file name.

Is their any special way to accelerate this?

Thanks a bunch.

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