Good morning,

Running BM38, XPPro with NWClient 4.91 SP2 on workstations, clntrust.exe dated 12/19/2003. This has been an issue for quite some time, thru a number of versions (BM35, older clntrusts, etc.).

Newly built / rebuilt machines are configured, first time a user logs on, launches browser, gets "You are not logged in!" error from BM server. User *is* logged in. Hitting dwntrust/clntrust doesn't seem to matter. User just has to wait a couple of minutes, maybe try to force a reload, and after a bit, everything works fine.

Doesn't seem to matter if browser is IE or Firefox, or if CLNTRUST is on local hdd or on a network drive. *Generally* speaking it happens just that first time; on some machines, though, the regular user has it happen again after being on vacation, for example. Happens to me frequently as I roam from one machine to another, so it seems to reinforce the idea that it has something to do with it being the first time user X has used that machine.

I do have *one* user, though, for whom this has become a daily event. Curious to know if anyone has seen this / has any remedy...