OES2 with GW8.0.2HP1.
On this server:
PRIMD - Primary GroupWise Domain
DOM1(with POST1+POST2) - Secondary GroupWise Domain with 2 PostOffice.

In the PRIMD configured and scheduled Synchr from eDir to GW. (this is work before GW8.0.2HP1).
In the PRIMD log file i see:
11:15:58 584 Start eDirectory user synchronization.
11:15:58 584 Checking amiukrd.amiukrp.bsholopko
11:16:01 584 Checking zpdom.zppost.asovcharenko
11:16:01 584 eDirectory user synchronization finished.

But Filed FullName not modified fo gw users from POST1 and POST2 !!!

Any body have this problem ?