We are implementing a new set of MFD's to consolidate on print devices.
I have created a new Iprint server (to distinguish from our existing printers) and created printers, manager etc etc.

Iprint server is running on OES2PS2 Linux.

I can print to a device when its not in a pool, but when I add a device to a pool, even if its the only device, the output disappears.

This is complicated by the fact we are trying to use Equitrac to manage the accounting element of the printing as the devices are leased.

When I do send a print regardless of whether the device is in a pool or output is shown, the iPrint client always shows the balloon "Document was cancelled".

I want to use pools so that we only have to issue one set of drivers to all PC's and then users can go to the nearest device to select their output (pull printing).

Any ideas gratefully received!