So I've been told, again, to look into certification and training cost.
Work may pay to get me either or both. Since I have no certifications
I thought that is where I would start.

Right now I'm looking over some CompTIA material. Supposedly pretty
generic certs. I looked at A+, Network+, and Security+. Might look at
Server+ as well.

Of course I'm more interested in becoming a Certified Virtualization
Geek, but the cost is more than I can get away with right now.

I've read over the A+ guide and, while I know it's probably not really
geared toward me, it's kind of a joke cert. I did pick up a few things,
but for the most part it's all pretty basic stuff. Now I say it's a joke
because I have three friends who took it and talk about it like it's the
best cert a person can get. Personally I think Network+ or Security+
would do a person better, but they maybe rather hanky certs as well.

At any rate. Any of you all have some cert suggestions or training
material suggestions. I'm more interested in learning that actually have
a cert on the wall. Where I live at the moment certs don't mean much to
anybody, but knowledge is always good.