Okay, I had posted earlier as to what I needed to do to upgrade our server from sp6 to sp8.

I followed all directions of both the Wiki and manual and got the server upgraded to sp8 and it restarted without any major issues.

So far, so good. Unfortunately, in order to apply the many patches to sp8, one has to use nwconfig.

Unfortunatley, nwconfig has hung when I tried to run it. In addition to this problem, it seems that I cannot run anything that is java based. You see, I had tc4 before and now I have tc5 (I guess from the upgrade). Now nothing java-based (GW webmail, imanager, e.g.) will work. From looking at the autoexec.ncf file, the following lines reference tc4:

# tc4admin begin
SEARCH ADD SYS:/tomcat/4/bin

# tc4admin end

# tomcat4 begin


# tomcat4 end

Then at the end of this file, the following lines reference tc5:

SEARCH ADD SYS:\tomcat\5.0\bin

So now my main problems are:

1) How to get nwconfig to work again
2) How to get the tomcat server(s) to work so I can have java access again.

Any help would be appreciated since this is an over the holiday project and I am still pretty inexperienced with Novell.

As an addendum, when I go here: I get a graphic screen showing I have Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 Support Pack 1 installed.

I just looked at the Current screens and it looks like I have Apache loaded twice. First is Apache 2.0.63 for Netware with an /OS after it. The second is *Apache2 Web Manager with an /ADMINSRV after it.