Hello: We run BM3.8 sp5 on a NW6.5 sp6 server. I have used
the generic TCP and UDP proxies for years (4+) to allow
pcanywhere (PCA) traffic into our network. Last week it
just stopped working (cannot connect). I have
double-checked everything twice (redundant) and can't seem
to find anything mis-configured. Here is my setup:

Filters: TCP and UDP filters in and out for ports 5631 thru
5633, public to public. (Note: Rather than use port 5631
for TCP and 5632 for UDP I use one port for both. I do not
understand why PCA uses separate ports.)

Proxy: TCP port 5631 to 5631, secondary IP on external
interface to internal IP address of PCA host. Same for UDP
port 5631. Repeat same for port 5632 and 5633 but they
point to different internal host IPs.

Access Rules: Application Proxy TCP, ports 5631 - 5633,
source is set to any, destination is set to the three
internal IPs of the host PCs. Same for UDP proxy.

As I have stated this setup has worked just fine for many
years. I must have something screwed up, but I can't
remember changing anything.

I appreciate any help you can offer, Chris.

PS: I have not yet checked with Comcast to see if they have
begun to block traffic on these port numbers. I have also
turned off the firewall on my home PC to test that it is not
the problem. Fails.