My environment:
Netware 65sp6
BorderManager 38sp5
proxy.cfg rev 27 from Craig Johnson site

Proxy seems to load and work ok. The first thing in the morning
(before any workstations are on), I go to display current activity and
the connections is use is up in the thousands. When I unload
proxy.nlm, it takes some time and then generates an error:-

Novell proxy encountered a fatal error: Connection 0x1E7D5124 won't
State = AbortingConnectionAwaitingLastRequestToFinish

Novell proxy encountered a fatal error: Request 0x1E7D5124 won't
State = CheckedOutAvailableRequest

then it unloads.

I can reload the proxy and it works fine but the next day when I come
in I have all the connections in use again.

When I do a 'reset server', it will hang with a line similar to after
an abend, like 'waiting for non-responding process to unload'. After I
get the server down and restarted, the above sequence will repeat.

What can I do to get the connections to clear?

Thanks for any help that can be provided.