Hi everyone, hope all's good! I have an issue if i could pick your brains...i had a server die on me that was running ZAA. I've removed the device from ZCC and then redpolyed the install package to the new server. The device shows up in ZCC where it's supposed too(custom deployment package that has reg keys) and the ZAA shows Device managed, however the 3 Zenworks server properties remain 'Unavailable' and i can't seem to get round this. It's the exact same setup as before, the only chnages being its now a new server(although same make/model) and windows 2008(previousley 2003 R2) I've got ZCM(i'm on 10.3) deployed across 6 sites with the same sort of setup, and this is the very 1st issue i've had. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I've checked DNS etc and all looking good, the fact this is the exact same setup as it was previousley(where it was working fine) and the same as my other sites, kind of baffles me. As i say the only real change was the OS, but i have multiple 2008 & R2 running with no probs. Thanks in advance, Mike.