Hi all,

Hope some of you here got a few clues to this issue of mine.

I got a few nW 6.5.8 servers running, one of them are acting odd.

The Packet Recieve Buffers is never releasing.
This means that after some days the server will not respond to network traffic, at all.
Originally the server used the default of 10,000, I've changed this to 30,000 to have it run a bit longer before running out.

HW: HP Proliant 370 G5
Mem: 10GB
OS: Netware 6.5 SP8

Apps running:
Groupwise POA+MTA 8.0.2
TSAFS with groupwise option

Backup is done remotely using TSA modules
Webaccess is running on a another server directly accessing the GW files on this server
GWIA is running on diffrent server and GW Domain using MTA to transfer emails.

Other server are not experiencing this issue.