Netware server running iPrint fully patched, various Windows workstations XP, and increasingly windows7.

How are people advising users manage the print queues?

With WindowsXP the users can simply look of the iPrint printer installed on their PC, and look at the jobs since the user sees the spool queue on the netware server, and can then choose to remove jobs, even other users if they have the rights.

If the user is running Windows7 on their PC then this trick does not work - I'm guessing the queue they see if the local windows spool queue :o(

I still tell some users to use the old netware administrator management tool on WindowsXP if they manage lots of printers, but what do I tell my Windows7 users? Windows7 gives an error about a missing prtwin32.dll, and if you manually copy that file from an XP machine onto your windows7 machine you can get it to load. But its a really old tool...

We do use JRB utilities here, but the downfall of this is knowing the full context of the printer object.

Thanks in advance.