We have a server we wanted to replace the Hardware.
We purchased a DL360 G6 that is on the Compatibility List for NetWare 6.5
Turns out SmartStart 8.5 does not support Netware anymore. HP Support told me to use SmartStart 7.92
I booted on Smartstart 7.92 and there is No support for the SmartArray P410i Controller.
I tried to do a Manual install, but cannot get the SmartArray P410i Drivers in .HAM or .DDI format and can't get the Server to allow me to access an external Device (USB Memory Stick or Floppy, or even the CD while in the server creation Install)

Anyone have experience in this thay can Point me to?
HP Support said it was a Novell Issue and they cannot assist in any form with NetWare Installations.