Using GW8 Mac Client v8.0.1 I'm unable to print the body of an email that originated offsite and was forwarded to me as an attachment. When printed, I'm only getting the following info from the forwarded message at the top of the page...

From: <sender>
To: <recipient>
Date: <date & time>
Subject: <subject>

The rest of the page is blank and no matter how long the message was there is only one page. If I click the "Preview" button in the GW print dialog (not the Mac OS print dialog) I'm presented with the typical GW print preview which shows the same info noted above at the top of the first page, but then it shows the content of the message on a second page. However, the content in the second page of the preview can not be printed. I've tried forcing duplex printing as well as specifying page 2 of 2 hoping to catch the content but with no success. I've switched the default Read View & Font setting between Plain Text and HTML with no change in results.

Interestingly, I've just tested this with GW7 Mac Client and it displays similar behaviour although the preview sticks to just one page with the info noted above at the top and no content on a second page.

This is happening on multiple computers, running both Mac OS 10.5.x and 10.6.x. On a Windows box, GW7 has no problem printing these messages and GW Web Access allows printing of these messages just fine.

Anyone else seeing this? More importantly, has anyone figured out what's causing this?